Botox Injections Beverly Hills

13 Mar

Botox InjectionsSome people often suffer from autoimmune disease that affects their brain and spinal cord. This condition is known as multiple sclerosis. Usually, it affects women more than men and is common during ages 20–40. However, it may occur at any age. Multiple sclerosis is caused by nerve damage because of inflammation at brain, optic nerve and spinal cord. Other factors may include virus, genetic defect or environmental conditions. The condition may be identified by the symptoms of muscle, bowel and bladder, eye, brain and nerve, sexual urge, speech and swallowing, etc. A doctor may suggest various tests to diagnose the condition.

The treatment for multiple sclerosis may include Botox injections that decrease spasticity related to the condition. Spasticity is nothing but muscle contractions caused as a result of the symptoms. It often varies infections, stress, pain, temperature, position and time of day. During the treatment, Botox is injected using fine needles that may cause minor and temporary discomfort. The results may appear 1–2 weeks after the procedure. The patient is further asked to come for follow-up appointment where they are evaluated whether the treatment is working properly or not.

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